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Healthcare Professionals USA

Our mission is to transform the way healthcare professionals are employed in the USA. At Healthcare Professionals USA we are looking for people like you who want to experience the adventure of working as a Registered Nurse (RN) at world-class hospitals.

We are a recruiter, direct employer, and educator of bilingual foreign nurses seeking 3-year assignments in a World Class US hospital. The HPU Pathway provides unlimited incentives and professional development opportunities for BSN Nursing Graduates that are unparalleled in US healthcare today.

HPU is on a mission to facilitate the empowerment, training, and education of nurses while employed at first-class healthcare service providers that are at the cutting-edge of technology, innovation, and state-of- the-art facilities.

The perfect place for a Healthcare Professional

The current talent search process does not showcase a nurse’s strengths and personality. We focus on your passion for customer service and the love for healthcare to provide better opportunities for you that otherwise would be missed.

We build off your existing experience and talents to help you get on-the- job training opportunities necessary for a successful nursing career. HPU’s teams help you sort out paperwork, coach you for interviews, and makes sure that you become the professional nurse that our Hospital Partners are looking for. Our relocation experts coach you step-by-step through out the application process.

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As you train towards your NCLEX, you have the opportunity to further develop your nursing skills through wider strategic partnerships.


Work and learn at world-class Senior Care, Memory Care and Specialist Care facilities along with talented healthcare professionals and highly skilled nursing leaders.


Live a unique experience, and broaden your skills and your network, while working towards achievement of your personal and professional goals.

What we offer

Our team of immigration & relocation experts is ready to help you take the next step!
We offer education and professional opportunities during the full term of the contract (NCLEX preparation, Certifications, and Masters Degree).
We help you gain valuable clinical healthcare experience in US hospitals while working abroad, with competitive salary and benefits.


We take care of your salary, benefits, insurance, immigration fees, state certification and licensing.

Relocation Assistance

In NSI we help you relocate. We offer you community engagement, spousal employment assistance, schooling assistance for minor dependents, and working permit process support.


We guarantee the best training for your professional development with an industry leading 3-year contract.

Our Process

Once you submitted your application and you passed our screening process, it’s our job to make sure you have the best experience.

Where to find us?

Right now we have our offices in 3 States: Texas, Louisiana, and Arizona.
Chose the location that works better for you and start the process!

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