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We are employers and educators of nurses and CNA’s. Transforming the way healthcare professionals are employed in the USA.

Long term sustainable workforce solution for healthcare in USA

Healthcare Professionals USA is partnered with world class hospitals to give you the best professional experience. Our founders brought HPU’s model from Australia and, ever since, we have achieved an impressive 95% rate of retention during the program.

The continue education and preparation our nurses receive during their program in HPU is what makes us unique and reliable with our partners. Most of our nurses continue to work in the hospitals they attended during their education and registration in Healthcare Professionals USA.

We take care of both educating and employing. HPU provides the guarantee of a stable workforce and stable job for the nurses, bringing better results every year.

Our Developing Programs


36 months

RN Billingual Nurse

24-36 months


36 months

What is our motivation?

Chronic shortages in the US healthcare system and American nursing programs that were unable to meet current demands encouraged HPU to look for professionals in Puerto Rico, Australia, and Mexico.

While we are educating nurses, we are also meeting another need in the American Healthcare Industry: bilingual staff. Our bilingual professionals are mediators in advocating for Spanish-speaking patients.

HPU Services


Analysis & Qualification

  • Work Environment & Culture Evaluation
  • Cost Analysis
  • Detailed Requirement Qualification


Sourcing & Screening

  • Successful Profiles
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Competency Assessments
  • Certification Processing
  • Compliance Screening
    • Drug Testing
    • Background Checks


On-Boarding & Orientation

  • Job Descriptions
  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Healthcare HR Integration


Performance & Employee Management

  • Performance Reporting
  • Continuous Communication
  • Support from our designated Nurse Navigator
  • Retention Strategies

Continual Education

Leaders in Education Innovation, Instructional Technology, and Technology Integration collaborated with Lamar University (in partnership with HPU) to create an online academic program that would allow us to offer revolutionary workforce solutions.

Healthcare Professionals USA, concerned for the problem between hospitals’ staff shortage and education for new nurses, developed a model where nurses could acquire professional experience while receiving a top-of-the-line education. Thanks to our partners, we approached a serious obstacle with unprecedented creativity.

Strategic Benefits


Our main goal is to help you reach your professional goals. We focus in our company’s philosophy, Grow.Work.Live., that helps us make sure that you have the opportunity of growing as a professional while working at world-class hospitals and living a unique experience!


As you train for NCLEX, you have the opportunity to develop further your nursing skills through strategic partnerships.


Work and learn at world-class hospitals along with talented healthcare professionals and highly skilled nursing leaders.


Live a unique experience, and broaden your network, while working towards your personal and professional goals.

Partners and Stakeholders

Healthcare Professionals USA wouldn’t be the same without our partners and stakeholders. These are some of the hospitals, organizations, and universities that help us give the best to our nurses.

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